Our People

At Karma Creations, we firmly believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our success. As a people-first company, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for our teams, both in our corporate offices and factory units, empowering them to realize their full potential.

We are committed to investing in our workforce's growth by consistently providing valuable learning opportunities. By enabling our employees to expand their skills within the industry, we ensure their personal and professional development.

At Karma Creations, we take pride in being an equal opportunity employer, recognizing the immense value that diversity brings to our business. Within our robust human resource management culture, we establish a strong support network that upholds the rights of every individual and fosters a culture of continuous learning.

In summary, at Karma Creations, our employees are at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and empowering environment that allows them to thrive.

Corporate HQ

Working at Karma Creations means being a part of India's Leading apparel exporter and one of the most forward-thinking apparel manufacturers globally. We take pride in curating a team of exceptional talent across various disciplines and departments, including Operations, Marketing and Design, Industrial Engineering, Organizational Development, Business Intelligence, Environmental Sustainability, Laboratory, Manufacturing Excellence, Human Resources, and more.

Our corporate offices located in Delhi NCR foster a progressive work environment, where we highly value and nurture personal initiative and innovative thinking. As a member of the Karma Creations team, we are committed to providing continuous learning opportunities, empowering you to flourish and excel within the industry.


Production Units


Our unwavering commitment lies in safeguarding the well-being of our valued employees, ensuring their comfort, respect, and the realization of their full potential.

Within our production units, a diverse array of roles are undertaken by our workforce. We provide comprehensive training in our own dedicated centers for unskilled workers, equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive. Moreover, we have a team of skilled tailors and experienced engineers whose expertise enhances our operations.